Terms and conditions of use

Sales regulations

Without any obligation and while stocks last.

Prices are expressed in euros, T.V.A at 19, 60 per cent rate applied and all taxes included in effect.
French law forbid selling wine to minors less than eighteen years, consequently, we ask our kind customers to confirm their age.
Once your order is registered, it is individually taken in count during the two working days of its reception, out of holidays. Shipments are taken in charge by our responsible and reliable carriers.
They deliver your expedition at the address you wish your shipment to arrive.
Deliveries vary in accordance with distance from 3 days to 30 maximum.
Delay, even quite long, can’t be in any case an acceptable reason of non-payment nor damage actions in any way.
During the delivery, reservations must be expressed on the dispatch note’s carrier if some of your pieces would have missed or would have been damaged.
This, has to be confirmed by a registered letter while the 3 working days to carrier with a copy for shipper. Our guaranty is strictly limited to substitution within a normal delay or refund of our defective or non-certified products.
All allowances being asked on our bills are, for any reason, deductible of our sales figures and, consequently, the allowance would be proportional to T.V.A‘s amount.


According to law 120-20 and followings articles of consumption code, consumer dispose of sevan days to exercise his right of eructation without giving any reason and the return costs are free of charge. The seven days period starts since consumer has received the freight. Complaints are only fitted for acceptance during eight days after reception of freight.
To cancel your order during the seven working days, you just have to return us you product in its original box, informing us by mail Château les Crostes, chemin St Louis, F-83510 Lorgues or e-mail to: caveau@chateau-les-crostes.eu.
We won’t accept any return one month later the expedition. Refund expenses will be paid as soon as possible, as we get the products back.

For any questions, please contact us from Monday to Saturday, from 9h30 to 19h00 to: +33 (0) 4 94 73 98 40.
Every remittance or confirmation of an order includes, without any restrictions, the acceptance of present conditions and takes precedence over the opposite conditions from the buyer.

Property reserve

By the acceptance of this contract, we reserve the right of property for the delivered products until the whole payment of bill, even if products are in customer’s possession.

Domicile’s election and jurisdiction

All disputes will be submitted to the competent count of Draguignan.